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How it works?

How it works

How it works?

We have special software Soft Ware Index, which allows us to see what customers are looking for, which allows us to provide them with a Your company in their search results.


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Setting up a Google business card

49.99 net

49.99net per service

1 month

699.99 net

699.99 net for 1 month

3 months

499.99 net

1499.97 net for 3 months

6 months

449.99 net

2699.94 net for 6 months

12 months

419.99 net

5039.88 net for 12 months

24 months

379.99 net

9119.76 net for 24 months

google business card positioning

google business card positioning


Google business card positioning LOKATE.PRO

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Why should every business invest in positioning their Google business card?

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